A Small Pebble

Wolves in the Storm
Mirtul 15, 1479 DR, Third-day

Meeting on a desolate stretch of road southeast of Daggerdale, the party was caught in a powerful storm. Before they could seek shelter in a nearby tower that had a light shining in a window, they were attacked by a pack of starving wolves.

Fighting off the wolves and beckoned by a voice within the tower, the party was taken in by the elderly resident of the tower, a ritualist named Treona. Treona revealed that she had been observing the individual party members for some time and wished for them to perform a task for her. She introduced the party to Alkirk Kilian, the last survivor of the Kilian family, leaders of the lost town of Kilian’s Dale.

Long ago, the wizard Kilian used his great arcane power to fashion powerful magical artifacts called slaying stones that he used to defend the Dale from threats such as bandits, humanoid invasions, and even the empire of Netheril. As the years went by, Kilian became a powerful figure in the dale and eventually his family became the rulers, passing down the Kilian name. After Kilian’s passing, knowledge of how to make the stones was lost and only eight remained. Over the years, the stones were used to kill bandit and humanoid leaders to stave off invasion, and one was even used in a failed coup attempt. When the last stone was used, the town had no defenses and was soon overrun by a horde of goblins, scattering the remaining population and creating the goblin stronghold of Boruzgram.

Treona revealed that she discovered the existence of a ninth stone that was hidden and she and Alkirk asked the party to infiltrate Boruzgram and recover the last slaying stone and deliver it to them so that it can be destroyed. They feared that if the stone were to fall into the wrong hands, it could be used for evil purposes and they wanted it destroyed so that the knowledge of the stones would be gone forever. As a reward, the party could claim what treasure they could find in the remnants of the town. They would have to use cunning to find their way into the town, as it was teeming with hundreds of goblins and kobolds eager to kill any intruders. Treona said that it was likely that the stone could be found in one of three places: the old library, the temples, or the Kilian manor house.

In the morning, the party departed for Boruzgram/Kilian’s Dale and began planning how they would sneak into the town. With great courage and audacity, the party created a distraction and slipped in through the front gates undetected by the guards. They made their way through the decrepit slum inhabited by the kobolds where they were surprised by a patrol of goblins. They managed to quickly dispatch the patrol before they could escape and raise an alarm, and even questioned the last survivor. The remaining goblin revealed that the leader of the goblins, a hobgoblin named Hu-Jat was living in the Kilian manor.

After concealing the bodies of the patrol, the party overheard a loud orcish voice berating the goblins and demanding that they find “the stone” or face dire consequences. The party now pushes on into Boruzgram, their presence undetected for now.


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