A Small Pebble

Sometimes what moves the earth most is a small pebble falling in the right place at the right time.

The peoples of The Dalelands prize their independence from the empires of Faerûn and have a long history of fighting for their freedom. Whether it be through strength of arms, cunning trade or fey alliances, the many dales have kept the influence of those that would rule them at bay.

Stories tell of the lost Kilian’s Dale, named for the powerful wizard who used his arcane power to thwart any would would seek to attack the dale, though the knowledge of how his magic kept the town at peace, even long after his death, was the greatest of the dale’s secrets.

As the years went by, eventually Kilian’s Dale fell to the humanoid scourge of the Desertsmouth Mountains and was lost to its human inhabitants, becoming the goblin stronghold of Boruzgram.

The rain falls in pounding sheets, blown by the roaring winds as the heavens rage and a small group of strangers find themselves at a crossroads…

A Small Pebble

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